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This is a collection of links to local quilting and sewing centers, as well as, a list of helpful information on sewing machine parts and literature.  Looking for something unique?  Use the Contact Us page to send us a message.

Want to explore long-arm quilting?  This is the place!  Once you have the 3 hr certification class, you can rent the machines by the hour.  Just took the class and quilted my first machine-quilted project.  Fantastic!

Over the Top Quilting Studio. Long Arm Rentals and much more

A great quilter’s resource in the heart of beautiful Salado.  A wide selection of fabric and many other items.  Our chosen location for sewing machine maintenance and restoration classes.  Check their calendar for upcoming classes from SoOldSewNew.

A Sewing Basket – Salado TX

To date your Vintage Singer see the link below.

Singer Serial Number Data Base

Service manuals and other instruction manuals for Singer machines.

Singer Instruction Manuals

Sew Classic LLC  for parts, tools, etc…  Excellent service and a great selection.

Sew Classic LLC

Tools for Self Reliance – a complete set of service manuals for older Singer Sewing Machines.  This site is in the UK and they refurbish older machines for shipment to other countries that don’t have access to electricity.  All of these machines are treadle or hand-crank powered.  An excellent resource for service and restoration.  They focus mainly on the Model 15 and 66.

Singer Manuals – Tools for Self Reliance

This is a great source for Singer parts; even some odd and unique items for Singer Model 221 (Featherweight).  Reasonable shipping and great service.

Central Michigan Sewing Supply

ALL-Brands – A great resource for new parts.  Lots of different models; not only Singer.  They are conveniently located in the Houston and surrounding area.  Eight store locations.  Good source for generic carry cases.

All Brands

Glenn Williams Featherweight (Model 221) – Parts and Services

An excellent source of parts and information about the Model 221 Singer “Featherweight”.   I use Glenn as a source for “original” quality Model 221 belts.  The belts available from other sources are too stiff and inflexible for correct operation.

Glenn Williams Model 221 Parts

Cleaning Guide for Singer Slant Needle Motors – Models 301, 401, 503 and 604

Thanks to Sammie in NC for this excellent tutorial on motor removal, cleaning and repair, and replacement.  Please download the tutorial (PDF) at the link below:

Motor Repair Guide for Singer Slant Needle Machines


The manufacturing processes involved in making a Singer sewing machine at Clydebank, Glasgow, Scotland from its raw form of iron to the finished product packed and ready for export.

Preservation of this film supported by the National Heritage Memorial Fund.

Black and White – Silent, from 1934

Movie Link


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